Challenge & Objectives

Challenge: To break the clutter and be relatable on every topical opportunity.
Objective: To maintain the brand proposition of being Krazy, and yet generate shareable content.

Creative Solution

Popular public sentiment cased in a rhyme scheme has higher retention value. Hence, we came up with different types of ‘Dohe’ – relatable content packaged in a couplet form.

Strategy & Execution

Singles Ke Dohe
While most brands celebrated ‘love’, we made singles fall in love with our content. We stuck to our brand proposition of being krazy and off-beat to bring ‘Singles ke Dohe’.

4 (1)
3 (2)
1 (2)

Quarantine Mein Phasa Shayar
Lockdown was an opportunity to reintroduce the Dohes. Dalgona to Ludo to Zoom calls, we addressed the most popular public sentiments via a set of shayaris under the pen name of ‘Quarantine mein phasa shayar’.

Qurantine mein phasa shayar_with bottle2
Qurantine mein phasa shayar_with bottle5

Dosti Ke Dohe
Friendship’s Day – a marketer’s home ground. How do we stand out? We wrote short narratives that describe funny, witty and modern-day friendship. ‘Dosti ke Dohe’ included the most in-things like Netflix, PUBG etc.

BOTM _ DostiKeDohe5
BOTM _ DostiKeDohe4
BOTM _ DostiKeDohe1

Impact OR Results

Cumulatively the campaign helped us reach 610K+ people with 835K+ impressions. Engagement wise we garnered 2200+ saves and 54.8K+ likes.
Overall followers increased by 308 people during these campaigns.

Over a period of time, we changed the brand’s tonality/perception to a fun, quirky, krazy and youth-centric brand. Post the Dohes we have noticed people anticipating the Krazy twist in almost every post that we do.

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