• IT Manager - Mumbai
    Manager - IT / 3 years to 4 years / Mumbai

    Who are you? 

    • You have a degree in IT, Computer Science or such related field 

    • You are someone who knows in and out about computers, systems, internet & wifi, and the technological infrastructure for a company 

    • You can troubleshoot issues in your sleep 

    • You know the best-in-class technological systems 

    • You are someone who follows processes to the T

    What you will do? 

    • You will be involved in the laptop and system allocations to the employees and maintaining ledgers about the same as well 

    • You will be expected to troubleshoot IT-related issues faced whether in hardware or software and provide solutions immediately and also for long-term 

    • You will be responsible for ensuring seamless internet and wifi connectivity and getting in touch with the service providers to troubleshoot 

    • You will monitor the performance of information technology systems to determine cost and productivity levels and to make recommendations for improving the IT infrastructure 

    • You will help define IT infrastructure strategy, architecture, and processes 

    • You need to analyze business requirements by partnering with key stakeholders across the organization to develop solutions for IT needs 

    • You will assess various vendors and develop test strategies for new hardware and software requirements and order laptops or systems when needed 

    • You will be responsible for the firewall and security measures and updating them from time to time 

    • You will also be in charge of the biometrics system to mark the attendance using an access card to ensure the data gets uploaded directly on the HRMS portal 

    • You will also have to resolve the issues that arise for the biometrics system 

    • Developing new network troubleshooting strategies to help reduce downtime and decrease maintenance costs 

    • Creating rational strategies for upgrading the company’s network software whenever a new update is available 

    • Constructing and implementing plans to ensure the company’s network continues to operate smoothly in the event of a problem 

    • Staying up to date with new network technology and reporting this information to the executive team each quarter